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Why do you need to keep your brows tidy?

Now a lot of attention is paid to eyebrows. And this is not only because the eyebrows are as relevant as ever and no fashionable makeup can do without them. But also because the correct width and shape of the eyebrows make the face much more expressive and beautiful. Another reason to get a professional eyebrow design is time-saving as brows shape will last longer and there is no need to tidy up them too often. If your brows are eyebrow hairs too long, hairs hard and naughty, hairs stick out in different directions, curl, and all their efforts to lay down end in failure, then it is not a problem and has the experience to sort this out. 

Brow shape and tint includes many steps and eyebrow waxing is only one essential step on the way to your perfect brows. 

In this article, I would like to share what happens behind the scene and show step-by-step how I work with eyebrows. 


Step 1 - Prepare eyebrows for the procedure:

Cleansing from eyebrows makeup and removing oil from the skin using lotion. With special professional eyebrow shampoo, I carefully and deeply clean the hairs of eyebrows, opening the scales for the maximum color setting. Like a hairstyle, brow shape isn’t one-size-fits everyone. Very important to find the right eyebrow shape which will suit your face shape. So I am analyzing your face shape, the distance between eyes, width/length of the nose and chin shape. Just after these with special measuring instruments, I make a sketch of future eyebrows shape on the face using a special marker. Most women have asymmetry of brows and it is normal, but it is what brow artist must to consider when making eyebrows design, so I also take it into account and pay extra attention to facial expressions. 


Step 2 - Eyebrow waxing:

After you are satisfied with brow shape sketch I do brows waxing. I am using a specialty hot wax for precise eyebrows shape, which works the best way to sculpt eyebrows. It is fast and almost pain-free. This particular wax has less breakage and gives longer regrowth period. Then, with special eyebrow scissors, I am finishing the eyebrow shaping.


Step 3 - Brow tint:

The tinting starts with choosing the right color of eyebrows. As you know the color of eyebrows can be not just black, brown, light brown, grey and ginger. Each of these colors can be also cold, warm or neutral shade. Usually, I pick the shade of color based on the color of the customer's eyes and hairs, which makes brows look natural. Sometimes I can mix 4 different colors of the tint to make your individual and suitable color. Applying the tint from the start of the eyebrows to the end. I do complex coloring in amber style with a gentle transition from light to dark. Tinting benefits to make your brows more impressive, camouflage gaps in plucked or receding brows. Maximum effect from tinting, it makes the result from the treatment last longer as well as strengthens and restores. I am using the highest quality dye which contains the Keratin and Argan oil helps to moisturize, protect, repair and increase the brightness and color thanks to its restructuring power. After tint extracts, I carefully remove the tint using a damp cotton pad. Complete the treatment by applying a special reinforcing solution to make the tint last longer. That's it, your perfect eyebrows are ready and it will last for up to 8 weeks.

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