Hairdresser Birkenhead Auckland

Vladimir Kupriianov. I do female and male haircut, hair coloring and hair highlights.

Haircut & Hair Blow Dry


Men's Haircut $35
Women's Haircut $70
Kid Haircut $20

*all haircut prices include hair washing and hair blow dry. Fringe cut only is FREE for permanent customer

Clolour , highlights & bleach by Loreal professionnel

(includes complementary hair cut and blow dry)


Permanent or ammonia free colour

short/regrowth hair $150
Long hair $170
Extra Product $20
half head foils $175
full head foils $195
T-section $150
placement from $5

Balayge and Ombre

half head balayage $210
full head balayage $230
face contour — front $170
ombre $190
Bleach & tone $190
bleach & tone all over $230

*All hair coloring services include complementary hair cut and blow dry and all colour servises include beautyful toner if necessary.

*Beautiful toner after bleach or highlights is FREE if required.

Straightening «long lasting professional volume & frizz control»


short hair $150
medium hair $170
long hair $190



"Olaplex" $40
"Smart bond by Loreal" $25
Moisturizing treatment $15

"Olaplex" is high quality hair treatment works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. We highly recommend using Olaplex with bleach and highlights.

About me

Hi there,

I'm Vladimir Kupriianov and I'm hairstylists in Auckland. I would like to tell you what makes me different from other hairdressers, but then I realized that it is so hard to write about myself, so I asked one of my customers to help me to introduce myself. 

"I heard about Vladimir almost a year before I made a decision to visit him for the first time. His is a very famous hairdresser in Auckland's Russian community due to his professionalism and ability to see woman beauty. 
When I got a chance and made a haircut for the first time with Vladimir, there was no doubt he is the best hairdresser I ever saw. It easy to read even by his own style. I like Vladimir for his way of developing a hairstyle for each individual woman. Somehow he finds the right style for you even before you can explain exactly you want. 

I think I know his secret: Vladimir loves what he does and he is the big connoisseur of female beauty :)
If you feel doubt about your current hairstyle, then don't hesitate. Just come for a consultation and you will be happy that you got a chance to get acquainted with such a nice professional as Vladimir. "

Wish to find your style,
Marina Ivanova

Vladimir Kupriianov
53 Birkenhead Avenue Birkenhead, Auckland 0626
Phone:+64 211 572 621 Price Range: 30-170 NZD

Questions & Answers

Could I come for the consultation before I do a haircut or colour?

Yes, sure you can come for a free consultation. However, I would recommend to make an appointment, such way you will no need to wait when I get free. I have no fee for appointment cancelation, so please feel free to get in touch with me. 

What is the difference between Ombre and Shatush hair coloring? How does it work for dark hairs? 

Both ombre and shatush are getting popular these days. Both hair colour methods are based on gradient coloring from dark tones of roots to brighter shades to the edges hair. But there are some differences. For example, shatush makes some layers of hair brighter from the middle length to hair tips with next toning to deep shades. As the result, hair gets very rich and deep color with a soft transition from dark to bright. Shatush hair coloring works very well for dark hairs when lightning of hair becomes a challenge.
In opposite to Shatush, Ombre means stronger lightning from the middle length to hair's roots. With Ombre hair gets a more emphatic color evolving which goes from dark to light tone.   

What is balayage hair color?
Balayage is another gradient coloring technique. This hair coloring includes the lighting of several top layer strands of hair. The depth of hair coloring may come from very light (like a little sunburn effect) to bright blond shades. 

How long does it take to make a haircut and color?

It takes about 2 hours to make haircut, hair coloring and blow dry. Hair highlighting takes a bit longer - up to 3 hours. 

I want to increase lasting for cold shades of hair, what would you recommend?

If you have cold shades of hair color, then you may want to try "Silver" shampoo. But keep in mind that "Silver" dries hair and skin, so I do not recommend to use it more than once a week. You also have to be aware that "Silver" works well if your hairs evenly colored in another case you may not enjoy the result. But my personal choice is "Fudge clean blonde" shampoo.

Do I need to wash my head before I come for a haircut and coloring? 

In the most cases, there is no need to wash your head before hair coloring. Anyway, feel free to come to our salon as you are. We have all facilities including hair basin, so we could wash the hair here. 

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